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With more than a decade of publishing experience and eight years working as a professional editor, I specialize in substantive, stylistic and developmental/project editing. I offer a range of services, tailored for your project, including:

  • initial consultation and project planning
  • illustrated reverse outlines on draft texts
  • extensive written and in-person or telephone commentary and suggestions
  • restructuring and rewriting
  • fact-checking and background research
  • image research and rights acquisition
  • basic copy-editing is included for all drafts

I work with everything from short web-based writing, to technical texts such as menus, to book-length projects. My topic specialties are contemporary visual and performing art, holistic health and healing, and environmental justice. I am well-versed in the vocabularies of queer, trans-positive feminism and anti-racist and decolonial scholarship and activism. I’m also a practicing clinical herbalist, an avid cook and eater, and a lifelong fiction reader, all of which inform my topic and formal flexibility as an editor. I have experience working with ESL writers and strive to preserve the unique stylistic influences of other languages while finessing smooth, readable English text.

My editing philosophy is informed by a generosity of spirit, a commitment to collaborative working modes, and great respect for the unique styles of the writers I work with.

My rates are between $50 and $75 per hour, depending on the project. For an estimate, please contact me using the form below. I am open to bartering for the following services: print and web design, video editing, bicycle mechanics, health services.

References and text samples available upon request.


I am available for guest lectures, panels, workshops in which draw on 15+ years of public speaking experience and in-depth field work to inform my engaging, accessible presentations.

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