Mongrels @ Issue Project Room



At Issue Project Room, as part of the curatorial project The Sonic Unconscious

Curated by Lawrence Kumpf

Also presenting work by Jana Winderen and Yolande Harris

Chased around by the ghosts of a paved-over salt marsh and equipped with perverted botanists’ tools, voices of divination and herbal elixirs, we will explore the neighborhood of Gowanus on foot and onscreen.


Mongrels Part 1: Weeds, on Saturday April 16, 3-4:30PM

Field botany tour of the Gowanus Canal area exploring the place of edible and medicinal weeds in ecologies of decolonization.

Mongrels Part 2: Elixirs, on Sunday April 17, 6-7:30PM* and 8-10PM

Field botany tour (6-7:30) followed by a screening of the Mongrels short video work and witching hour reception, open to all (8-10).

More info here. Video documentation of plant walk by CART NY here.

I am grateful to Dori Midnight, Eymund Diegel, Issue Project Room, Proteus Gowanus, Halo Halo, Nika Khanjani and Adam Rosadiuk for their support and insight.

Image credit: Talia Shipman and CART NY.

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