Not Necessarily Deeper


Installation; three-dimensional bibliography you can walk into. Installed in the Boston Center for the Arts Mills Gallery for the exhibition And Things of That Nature. Books related to the artist’s research are organized into four color-coded categories – digging, sowing, tending, harvesting – and installed among stored objects behind the gallery’s exhibition walls. Copies of a printed bibliography are provided; a reading room is set up in a back room.

Materials: Fifty books; colored tape; large-scale printed bibliography pasted on gallery wall; take-away booklets with bibliography; storage shelves; chairs


Digging, Sowing, Tending, Harvesting (Bringing the War Home) is an ongoing series of research projects that work toward the development of a radical urban ecology.  The actions of gardening are taken as both metaphors and methodologies in the pursuit of an expanded sense of ecology whose emphasis on ethical relationships between humans and the rest of the world forbids the forgetting of politics.  This radical ecology must address the neoliberal stranglehold on life at its very roots, spread out through subjective, social and environmental levels of existence.

In relation to Digging, Sowing, Tending, Harvesting, Not Necessarily Deeper is both meta-project and site-specific manifestation of the metaphor of digging.  Here, digging is first and foremost about research.  This bibliography is made of books, but if you want to read them you’ve got to dig: behind the doors and walls of the gallery, through piles of storage.  If you burrow all the way to the end of the gallery, amongst the dust and shelving you’ll find a window and chairs, and as you read there you may find that you are not further down or deeper in or anything of the sort, but actually in some entirely other outside.

This bibliography is highly idiosyncratic.  It represents my research at a particular moment in time; some volumes I know well thanks to years of fruitful interaction, while others are new discoveries.  In order to share the development of my methodology, I have organized the bibliography into sections, one each corresponding to digging, sowing, tending, and harvesting.

Download a copy of the bibliography.


Gina Badger, 2009.

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