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Mugwort Distribution Map, 1870-2000.
Mugwort Distribution Map, 1870-2000. Drawing by Gina Badger. Presented as part of Brew Pub 3: Relanding From Mugwort (Aja Rose Bond, Gabriel Mindel, Eric Emery and cheyanne turions, 2014).

Gina Badger CV

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I am an artist and writer based in Toronto. Working in the expanded field of sculpture and installation, my favoured research methods include listening, walking, gardening and cooking. At the heart of my practice is an engagement with the time and material of colonial ecologies from a critical settler perspective. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, I am a fourth generation settler of Norman, Huguenot and Anglo-Saxon ancestry born on Cree territory and currently living on Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory. I hold a BFA from Concordia University (Montreal) and a Master of Science from MIT (Cambridge MA).

Diverse in form, my work is characterized by the stylistic influences of historical conceptualism, land art and performance art. With a tone both poetic and critical, I aim to sidestep the frustrations marring current debates around ecology. Projects such as Brew Pub 3: Relanding with Mugwort, with STAG Library, Eric Emery and cheyanne turions (2014), Mongrels (2011), Rates of Accumulation (2010) and Scatter (2007) initiate encounters with marginal landscapes and flora, abandoning received histories of North America in favour of unsettling and abstracted narratives. Operating on an entirely different scale, Plants In Your Pants (2007) is a hands-on intervention into the politics of vaginal ecologies in patriarchal times.

I cherish the moment when it is no longer possible to distinguish a work of art from its reception—when some aspect of the work comes to new life because it seeps out of its bounds, intermingling with its viewers. This is the phase change through which art ceases to be purely representative or reflective and becomes political. Through all of my pursuits, it is the desire for this transformation that keeps me going.

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