Gendai Garden Tour

Congrats to the amazing Toronto-based Gendai Gallery, who raised over $7,000 towards their upcoming program, Minority Model!

I was proud to contribute a perk – “Natural Gendai” – to support their campaign. One lucky person redeemed this perk, and in return they and 4 of their friends will get a personalized tour of the medicinal herb garden I am building this summer in Toronto’s west end. My garden, Swallow, is an invitation to explore the role of medicinal plants in the crossover between settler-colonial urban ecology and holistic health. Swallow is a collection of 48 third-year perennials in three themed plantings, each suited for the production of cocktail bitters. Scheduled for late summer 2013, my garden tour for Gendai will be packed full of ethnobotanical history, medicinal properties and information about harvesting and processing the plants to make bitters. Each tour includes bonus treats such as herbed cocktails, garden harvests, and/or custom-labeled bottles of bitters.

<3 <3 Gendai!!


Swallow is supported, in part, by an Exhibition Assistance Grant from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

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