Swallow’s Bitters at the Gladstone Grow-Op

Gina Badger, Mongrels (2011). Performance documentation with mugwort bitters.

In late April, I will be participating in Gladstone Grow Op: Exploring landscape and place, a four-day event to celebrate innovative ideas and conceptual responses to landscape and place across a broad range of creative practices. Grow Op 2013 will facilitate a cross-disciplinary forum for landscape, garden design, art and place making within the vibrant setting of Toronto’s West Queen West neighbourhood. Grow Op is curated by Victoria Taylor and will feature friendly friends Katie Mathieu, Jane Hutton and Karen May.

My contribution will be a bitters making workshop hosted by Gatherer and Bento Miso. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to make artfully crafted cocktail bitters using common plants such as vervain, lavender and mugwort. The backbone of any classic cocktail, bitters are plant-infused alcohols that share a history with medicinal tinctures. While stalwarts like Angostura or Peychaud’s keep their recipes behind lock and key, in this workshop you’ll learn everything you need to design and make your own bitters. Workshop includes cocktail tasting and will cover medicinal and historical information.

$10 registration fee includes materials and your own bottle of bitters.
Location: Bento Miso (862 Richmond Street West, Suite 100)
Saturday 27 April
Two workshops:
2–4 PM – SOLD OUT!

Register online!

Image credit: Gina Badger, Mongrels (2011) at Issue Project Room. Image courtesy of Talia Shipman & CART NY, 2011.

Thanks to Leila Timmins/Gatherer and Miso for supporting this workshop!

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