Temagami Crescent

On April 23–29, 2012, I will be presenting new work in the context of Door to Door, Christof Migone’s curatorial project for the Blackwood Gallery (University of Toronto, Mississaga). My project, Temagami Crescent, is the result of several months concerted thought and discussion on the form and practice of territorial acknowledgements. It is a project that I urgently and humbly undertake as a settler on this land.

Where are we?

Centered on one residential suburban street in Mississauga, Ontario, this postcard series presents five possible answers to this question. Temagami Crescent’s name, like that of so many other streets around it, maps one Indigenous reality—in this case, Temagami First Nation on Bear Island, Ontario—onto another—the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation—managing to obscure the Indigenous character of both in the process. Working against this naturalizing tendency, this project maps a series of five overlapping regions, defined by characteristics such as First Nations communities, watersheds, treaties, correctional facilities, plant species and etymology. The maps are delivered as postcards, one a day for a week, to each household on Temagami Crescent, and are posted simultaneously on this website. An illustrated practice of learning the land, this project has been developed for a largely non-Indigenous audience (the residents of Temagami Crescent) by an artist who is the descendent of settlers from Treaty 6 territory, in present-day Alberta.

I acknowledge and express thanks for access to the diverse histories and bodies of knowledge that inform this project, and would like to acknowledge in particular the territory of the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation and the astute and generous folks at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto.


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