In And Out Of Time: Interview in No More Potlucks

One of my favourite projects from the last year, an interview with Dori Midnight connected to my Mongrels project is now published in No More Potlucks. You can look at, listen to, and read it here.

Here’s a little teaser:

Mugwort or dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) both remediate ecologically, but it’s also like they’re trying to give us their medicine. Those are both really good medicines for people who live in cities, which is where they grow, they are really incredible liver tonics, and bitters, which we really need because we eat so much crap, and fat and sugar, and they help us metabolize those things. And, just in general, people are really stressed out and angry, which is the mark of a hot liver. It seems like plants are responding to land disturbances and also to how they affect people. So it’s really good to notice what plants just pop up right outside your door and in your yard. We tend to think of ourselves as outside of ecology, and we’re not at all. (—Dori Midnight)

Extra special thanks to the profoundly insightful and generous Dori, to stellar guest editor and dear friend Sophie Le-Phat Ho, and to No More Potlucks heavyweights M-C MacPhee and Mél Hogan!

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