Gina Badger (she/they) is a queer nonbinary femme and white settler of Norman, Huguenot and Anglo-Saxon ancestry born on Cree territory and currently living on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations (Vancouver, BC). A visual artist and an energetic clinical herbalist, she holds degrees from MIT (2010) and Concordia University (2008) and is forever a student of the plants.

At the heart of Gina’s practice is an engagement with the time and material of contemporary ecologies.┬áDiverse in form, their artwork inhabits the expanded field of sculpture, installation, and performance art. With an approach that’s equally poetic and critical, they create work at the intersections of community care, magic, and ecology.

Projects such as Relanding with MugwortMongrels, and Rates of Accumulation initiate encounters with marginal landscapes and flora, abandoning received histories of North America in favour of unsettling and abstracted narratives. Operating on an entirely different scale, Plants In Your Pants is a hands-on intervention into the politics of vaginal ecologies in patriarchal times, and prefaces Gina’s ongoing clinical work.

Badger was the final editor of the legendary FUSE Magazine and did a stint as editor of exhibitions and publications at the AGO. She occasionally leads workshops, attends residencies, edits artists’ books, publishes essays, interviews and research, and works as a consultant for gallery installations involving plant medicine or live plants.

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